Glam Affair at I < 3 Originals Fair

Glam Affair is proud to be part of the "I <3 Originals Fair", an event promoted by the Artists Voice to support original content in Second Life.

The Fair features also several events:
Feb 6th: Blogger Preview Day
Feb 8th-14th: Fair
Feb 10th, 6pm SLT: Literature and Copyright Seminar. Michael A. Stackpole. Robert E. Vardeman, Andrea Howe, and Khia Gherardi as panelists.
Feb 11th, 6pm SLT: Michael A. Stackpole will be reading from his new novel, At The Queen's Command.
Feb 13th, 2pm SLT: Designers and Content Theft. Jori Watler, JEssanne Janus, Bracken Back and Katey Coppola as panelists.

The Artist's Voice is a group dedicated to educating consumers and content creator's about intellectual property rights and content theft.
If you would like more information about property rights, content theft and what you can do to help, please feel free to join the group.
You can find the Artist's Voice group in Second Life by searching "Artist's Voice".

Teleport to the Fair!


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